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Trent Bryson-Dean Trio – 16 March 2013

Frontline instrumentalists usually lead bands, big or small, and while every band is driven by its rhythm section, drummers’ names are seldom seen in the lead role.

There is a difference between having appeared at the Club many times as part of various bands and having the gig under your own name. Trent is well-known for his work with Scat and the Chris Poulsen Trio and, while he was entitled to his declared nervousness, I’m sure that any uncertainties he felt about taking on this mantle and any ‘butterflies’ about his first headlining gig at the BJC, would have evaporated in the first sixteen bars.

As a consummate drummer, and also as a new recruit to the BJC Committee, Trent is no stranger to the Club and its audiences, and came up with a winning combination of musicians and material for this gig. With Dale Rabic on Hammond B3 Organ and Paul Henderson on guitar, the music was based on the funky, groovy, jazz fusion sounds reminiscent of the 70s, when groups like Spyro Gyra held sway.

The sound filled the room, delighting the 50 or so patrons, flowing along effortlessly with an unbelievably smooth interplay between all three musicians. This jazz style seems to come up fresh every time, never sounds dated, and provides plenty of expression opportunities for the players. There was a noticeable eagerness and enjoyment in this trio to play their repertoire, and I’m certain that the live recording being made by Mark Smith will produce an excellent CD.

This was a ‘must book again’ experience and there is no doubt that next time round this combo will play to a much larger crowd.


Alan Western