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To Sergio With Love – September 21st 2019

If there was a way to do it here, the essence of tonight’s performance would be better captured in colours than in words.

However, without the benefit of a paintbrush, please help set the mood by relaxing, smiling…and singing along with the opening strains of ‘Mas Que Nada’…  

Ohhhhh…   Ah-ree-eye.   Eye-oh.      O-bah. O-bah. O-bah.

Ohhhh. Wah-oh-oh-oh.    Ah-ree-eye.   Eye-oh.      O-bah. O-bah. O-bah.

Are you with me? Ready for a ride through a beautiful, tropical Brazilian night?  Ready for six talented musicians to drop in, tune up, turn back the clock, and sock it to you with the unmistakable sound and colour of Sergio Mendes’ Brazil 66 and some of his contemporaries?

Well tonight, the enthusiastic, packed-house, Brisbane Jazz Club crowd was certainly in that mood. And very ready.

We all loved it!!

If ‘To Sergio With Love’ isn’t Australia’s ONLY Sergio Mendes Tribute Band, then they are surely the very best.

First getting together for the 2018 Anywhere Festival in Brisbane, they are Anje West on lead vocal and percussion; Stephanie Dick and Jake Bristow with sweet, sweet harmonies and backing vocals; Dale Rabic on piano, Hammond organ with the big Leslie speaker, and bass pedals; Jamie Clark on guitar; and Kym Ambrose on drums.

From the first irresistible bossa nova beat of their opening number, Brazilian Walter Wanderley’s arrangement of ‘Summer Samba’, these lively performers never missed a beat. And between enchanting vocal sets, the keys/guitar/ drums combo of Dale, Jamie and Kym, kept the vibe going, flowing and grooving.

They looked the part too. Anje in her flowing dress of swirling psychedelic colour. Steph, very Twiggy/Mary Quant in a high-neck, blue mini-dress and white calf-length boots. Jake in a soft blue Safari suit.

And on the waytothe grand finaleof the classic, ‘Mas Que Nada’, their set-list oozed with nostalgic, hip-swaying tunes, arrangements and harmonies; colourfully recreating the groovy, outta sight vibe of 60’s Flower Power and 70’s psychedelia.

We were treated to the classic Sergio Mendes arrangements of ‘Night and Day’, ‘Going Out Of My Head’, ‘Scarborough Fair’, ‘Day Tripper’, ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘Fool On The Hill’. There was J.J. Cale’s ‘After Midnight’, and a tip of the hat toHerb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass, with ‘One Note Samba’ and ‘Spanish Flea’; which was impressive, without a single horn player!!

And, oh, those flawless harmonies!! ‘The Look of Love’ and ‘Zanzibar’, were but two notable examples.

This was all fab, man!!  A gas.  A blast.  Out of sight!!

So, next time, don’t miss the opportunity to tune in, drop out and turn on to the beauty of a night with ‘To Sergio With Love’.

Alan Smith

Brisbane Jazz Club