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The Walters – October 5th 2019

Tonight at the Brisbane Jazz Club, The Blues came to town.

We just love The Blues. And tonight’s Full House audience loved this five-piece band, The Walters.

The guys gave us every kind of Blues. There was Slow Blues. There was Dreamy Blues. There was ‘He/she done me wrong and my dog just died’ Blues

And there were those Blues that make you to want to get out of your seat and into your dancing shoes.

While dancing space may have been in short supply around the room, there was not a head that wasn’t nodding. Not a foot that wasn’t tapping. And not a booty that wasn’t shaking.

One spritely, elderly gentleman, visiting from my old hometown of Geelong, enthusiastically kept time at his table…with his walking stick!!

The Walters take their name from two legendary harmonica players, Little Walter Jacobs and Big Walter Horton, who, for a while, in the 50’s/60’s, were playing in Chicago at the same time. And while The Blues were born in the Deep South, the South Side of Chicago is where this music blossomed and bloomed.

And that was especially meaningful for two of our guests this evening. A couple from Chicago, who were on Day Two of their first ever visit to Australia, were soooo pleased to have found the Brisbane Jazz Club. And soooo grateful to have found us on a night that we were Singing The Blues!!

They certainly picked the perfect night, as The Walters are a very tight combo, building their sound and style around the wailing Blues harp and vocals of band leader, Mark Gibbons. (Mark uses the legendary JT30 microphone; long popular among harmonica players, for its distinctive, ‘dirty’ sound).

Dangerous Dan Nosovich and Ben Gleeson traded licks and lead/rhythm duties with their squealing, screaming guitars, while brothers in Blues, Mick and Aaron Luciow, provided the steady, driving, insistent 12-bar, tap-tap, boom-boom of the drums and double bass.

With sets that combined their own superbly crafted Blues-styled tunes and great covers from the likes of Junior Wells, Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, Clarence Garlow and Eddie Bo, The Walters had all of our guests, totally engaged…and dancing…all night long.

And at one point, they called out ‘Star Time!!’, and were joined on stage by a talented young Lady of the Blues, Ms Teresa Bernardi, who completely knocked off what was left of our socks, with ‘Ooh! Wee Sweet Daddy’ and ‘That’s Why I Cry’.

Be sure to catch this band next time, at Brisbane’s Home of Live Jazz (and Blues)….

      Be leavin’ de cold beer, at home in de fridge.

      And get yourself down to de old Story Bridge.

      ‘Cos, dem Walters be playin’, and yo know that yo would…

      Get enough of dem Blues, to make yo feel good!!


Alan Smith

Brisbane Jazz Club