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The Trevor Hart Quartet with special guest, Eric Griswald (Piano)

The Trevor Hart Quartet with special guest, Eric Griswald (Piano)  – October 13 2016


Trevor Hart: trumpet

Toby Wren: guitar

Andrew Shaw: double bass

Sacha Kloostra (?): drums

Guest Pianist: Eric Griswald

The evening performance started with a 25 minute- long, slow tempo original piece  “Hymn of the Desert People” which had the small but appreciative audience spellbound in an odyssey through the Sahara. You could almost hear the whispering sands as the Mistral winds were called up by Trevors horn, Toby’s guitar and Eric’s soulful piano.  Truly a master dream- weavers piece. The next 2  pieces snapped us out of our reverie- first  into an original Cuban “Son” style with toe tapping, hip- swaying latin beat with driving bass lines and hi-hat/ snare runs to keep the rhythm classy and intense, followed by a Cha-Cha number full of sharp beats and running trumpet chords. The set ended on a high note and left the audience calling for more- the mark of a high quality performance.

After the break, Trevor led the band into a slow, melodic and mournful “Vespertine” aptly named as the sound was again a meditative, mellow and haunting homage to, perhaps, the chant of monks at evening prayers. Truly an unusual, but deeply moving piece. Once again, we were pulled out of our reverie by a series of groove numbers featuring all of the instruments in a series of progressively complex and driving rhythms which alternated between bluesy and soft rock tempos which kept the audience enthralled with the exceptional solos. Andrew’s imaginative bass runs and improvisational technique was unbelievably fascinating and drew an enthusiastic response both on and off the stage.  Frequent rounds of applause after each solo set the tone of audience appreciation.  The set finished off with another driving number again full of solo work in a number called “Bike, Bike” inspired, we’re told,  by a child’s enthusiasm for motorcycles.

In all an exceptionally high quality performance by the band in  both their ensemble and in solo work. A truly satisfying evening of postmodern style jazz music.

Gary Frontin