Home Jazz The Tom Vincent Trio – Sat March 28th, 2015

The Tom Vincent Trio – Sat March 28th, 2015

Some artists take the stage at the Brisbane Jazz Club, and instantly own the place; clearly and cleanly resonating with the fibre of this old boat shed and the jazz-loving souls of its enthusiastic and appreciative patrons.

So it was for the cool, cool, coooool Tom Vincent Trio, on the last night of their latest tour of Australia.

Leigh Barker on double bass, Alf Jackson on drums and Tom Vincent on piano, enjoy playing together. Their smiling camaraderie was a key element as tempo and groove flowed seamlessly and innovatively, and individual contributions mingled, merged and morphed through two sets of great Jazz standards.

On a balmy late summer evening by the Brisbane River, Tom acknowledged the beauty of the Jazz Club’s unique location, as the Trio cruised through ‘Cry Me A River’ and ‘Up A Lazy River’.

Roll out the dictionary for the superlatives. The Tom Vincent Trio were amusing, animated, bubbly and buoyant. Charming, courageous, comedic and cruisy. Engaging, entertaining, friendly and very happy. Innovative, improvisational and inspiring. Laid back, schmoozy. Even Zen-full.

Thanks guys. We look forward to having you back!!

Alan Smith