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The Col Atkinson Quartet – Sunday 4 January, 2015

Seriously folks. When did the Brisbane Jazz Club have it any better than this?

For those that came out on this post-Christmas, New Work-Year’s Eve, the rewards were immense.

The virtuoso quartet comprised Van Morrison lookalike, Col Atkinson on electric bass and vocals, Galapagos Duckstalwarts, Willy Qua on saxes and flute and Will Sargisson on keys, with local drumming icon Paul Hudson at the kit.

Outstanding stage presence, technique, humour and a collaboration of lofty talents seamlessly combined to deliver a truly sublime performance. From the first notes of Charlie Parker’s ‘Yardbird Suite’ to the closing bars of The Yellowjackets’ ‘Revelation’, the audience was entranced, spellbound and silent.

It was all here. Novelty moments included Will Sargisson’s Roland-driven ‘vocal’ lead and Willy Qua’s drumming on the windows, railings and music stand. Irene and I appreciated Col’s dedication of ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon’, while my personal favourite was ‘Poinciana – Song of the Tree’.

Next time they are in town, do not miss these guys!!