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The Calibre Cats

Bridget Burnell, vocals
Sean Dennis, baritone sax/vocals
Scott Ensdaile, tenor sax/clarinet
Rohan Buchanan, trombone
Jono Corfield, trumpet
Yuji Otaki, upright bass
Brad Mavin, guitar
Wesley Ong, drums

A packed audience for a Thursday night, had the pleasure of groovin’ along to this hip hoppin’ band who played a fab selection of dance tunes dating back from the 1930’s to the present day.

The well presented, talented musicians really entertained the audience with songs such as Zoot suit riot, orange coloured sky, jump jive ‘n wail, Go Daddy Oh and Sing Sing Sing to name but a few. We reconfigured the dance floor so folks could dance without loosing tables to ensure BJC got the most out of cheap Thursday. To quote the old BJC sign “the joint was Jumpin'”.