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The Bearded Gypsy Band  11 Jan 2014

For anyone not at the Jazz Club last night, all I can say is, you missed out big time on one of the best performances of all time at the club.

This young band was full of life and talent the energy emitted through their music captivated the audience for the entire night leaving patrons spell bound including myself, when does it just stop getting better ????.

Although the guys in the band are exceptional instrumentalists, the stand out for me was the drummer, Kyrie Anderson, that girl is among the best I have heard at the club. Their huge diversity of music is not centered around any one genre, they could please and gobsmack any manner of audience, young or old.

Time to stop raving, from early booking figures it was looking to be a relatively easy night but final count late afternoon was a sell out, ended up with 115 paying customers .

Volunteers Lynne, Tom and Jon did an excellent job working the tables and brought in an exceptional raffle booty, as usual Mark Smith worked his magic on the desk with Jeremy and James having a busy night behind the bar. Also thanks to Rita and France for keeping us all in check.

Mal Page