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Swing Central Sunday April 19th, 2015

Close your eyes in the presence of Swing Central and you are with Count Basie and Frank Sinatra at the Sands, or at a bar in Las Vegas enjoying a drink and a song with a warm and toasted Dean Martin.

On Sunday night at the Brisbane Jazz Club, the band was purring, Brad Leaver was schmoozing at his best, and the atmosphere was electric. The crowd loved it and most succumbed to the foot-tapping urge to get up and dance.

On stage in shortened form as a quartet, or as the full nine man compliment, the guys peeled off standard after standard in a performance that was alive with musical and vocal excellence, generously spiced with Brad’s fun-loving patter and audience connection.

This was the local jazz scene at its very best.

Compliments flowed non-stop at the door, as the very satisfied throng drifted off into the night on still-dancing feet, all saying that they will be back.