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String Theory – A Cosmic Guitar Encounter

The Ravi Welsh Trio hosted an evening of guitar heaven.

The Players:
Bruce Woodward – Guitar
Atienne Bakker – Guitar. This pair played a selection of lovely, melodic jazz standards. The beautifully haunting, skilful guitars unencumbered by other instruments made a pleasant change from traditional lineups.

Anonymous Heroes
Davis Orr – Guitar
Chris Pearson – Bass
Mark Henman – Drums

The second set was quite a contrast to the first. The music was real bluesy with great vocals by David and Chris. Mark as usual played brilliant drums.

The Ravi Welsh Trio
Ravi Welsh – Guitar
Justin Sinclair – Bass
Ben Shannon – Drums
Guest, Johnny Lin – Guitar

Yet another different groove of jazz. This set was funky with heavy beat. Ravi expertly played a variety of jazz tunes including a fab version of George Benson’s “Affirmation”.

The final jam brought Bruce and Atienne back to the stage to join Ravi and friends for more funky classic jazz guitar compositions.
This was a great night for Jazz Guitar enthusiasts with no less than 4 accomplished guitarists (that’s not including the 2 bass guitars).

Yet another night of cool, high quality jazz at the iconic Brisbane Jazz Club at the start of its 44th year.

Di Clark