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Steve Newcombe & Kristin Berardi – 22/11/14

An amazing show to a packed house at the Brisbane Jazz Club last night. The line- up of Steve Newcombe -keys, John Hoffman -flugelhorn, Helen Svovoda – Bass and Lachy Hawkins – drums was truly world class.  While the crowd was made up of a few parties etc the majority of  the crowd was there to see this tight band crowned by the one and only Kristin Berardi.  Berardi’s vocals are second to none and kept the audience entranced the whole evening.  The term, the voice is another instrument,  is never more appropriately used when referring to Berardi’s vocals-she manipulates every word and note  into something truly magical.

The highlights of the night for me was the opening instrumental  led by the warm and wonderful John Hoffman, a swinging Funny Valentine.  You couldn’t fault Berardi’s vocals but for me It Could Happen to You and Berardi’s orginal song Mr Jackson written of her time living in New York about a down and out man  she met in the  laundry mat across the road from where she lived.

As John Hoffman commented- The Brisbane Jazz Club is his favourite room to play and it is performances like last night’s that makes our club so great!