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Seventh Avenue – Friday 11/10/13

Amongst all of the wonderful offerings at the Brisbane Jazz Cub it is always good to hear our much loved old jazz standards being performed from time to time.  but it is especially good to hear a group of youthful, enthusiastic, fresh, uber talented musicians applying their own interpretation and breathing new life to them.

That is what Seventh Avenue did on Friday night.  And they nailed it.  no sentimental trip down memory lane from them, they took old faves like Summertime, Nice Work if you can Get It and Foggy Day in London Town and made them all their own.
That these songs are so enduring is testament to their beauty and the skill of their composers.  but make no mistake, it is bands like Seventh Avenue that keep them alive, introduce them to new generations and make sure they are just as relevant now as they were when they were first performed,
Claire Walters was subbing for Nick Hollamby last night – what a delightful and assured young vocalist she is.  She was able to captivate the audience with her warmth and genuine pleasure of being on stage to deliver music for us.  The band members were all awesome and all young, fresh faced and energetic – with Ryan Livings providing some particularly memorable moments on sax.
After hearing Seventh Avenue I have some good news for jazz lovers in Brisbane – amongst the fabulous range of jazz on offer in Brisbane there is a full repertoire of beautiful, favourite songs going right back to the 1920s that are being discovered, updated and regenerated by a new generation.  With the love and passion we saw on Friday, i am convinced that this music will be around for ever.  Which is a fabulous thing.
And, of course, the best place to hear it is at the Brisbane Jazz Club, a fact that the band reminded the audience of and left no doubt about.