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Sarah Collyer Quintet – 16th Dec 2014

Once again Sarah Collyer packed the Brisbane Jazz Club with devout followers!

It seems, that every show Sarah’s voice just becomes even smoother and more velvety.  Backed by John Reeves on keys, Sam McGuire on bass, Niyi on guitar and Steve Francis on drums it was a fantastic night of jazz music at its best.

Sarah’s vocals in my opinion, are carving her way to being one of Australia’s finest jazz performers.  Her originals hold their own against the great standards such as Summertime and classics like Feeling Good.  My favourites of the evening were Sarah’s own Silent Falls the Rain and Yesterday’s Blues (the title track of her last album).

Sarah’s ability to make a song her own shines brightest in her rendition of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon – she turns this beautiful song into something ethereal and I know my eyes weren’t the only ones shedding a tear.

Sarah’s passion, love and joy that she gets from performing, singing and sharing her music is undeniable – she has a relaxed stage personae and fills the room with presence and pleasure.

Lisa McKay