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Sarah Collyer – 30 March 2014

Talented yet engaging, classy yet sensitive, Sarah Collyer treated the Sunday brunch crowd of more than 70  who ventured out on this humid drizzly Brisbane morning to what must be rated as a standout gig for 2014.

Departing from the format of her previous gigs, Sarah focussed on standards – Blue Sky, Georgia, Summertime, Gentle Rain, Throw it Away.  Our favourite songs were all there.  While her originals and clever, surprising covers are much loved by audiences, the standards suited the brunch slot perfectly.

In Sarah’s hands, standards are given new life, interpretation and emotion to become as relevant to today as they were 40 years ago.  Uncomplicated, accessible music that has been the soundtrack to so many lives over the years, beautifully delivered by a vocalist at the top of her game. Complaining of being laid low with a virus all week, there was no discernible loss in Sarah’s voice quality or energy on stage and the audience hung on every note.

Sarah has a warm, friendly stage presence, with sprinklings of quirky humour.  With her easy style it almost seems like she is personally engaging with every person in the room.  The intimate Brisbane Jazz Club surroundings helped in making this the loveliest brunch venue in town

Superbly supported by Peta Wilson (keys) and Stu Barry (double bass) it was clear that these three musicians have worked together frequently.  The flow was effortless and intuitive.

The applause was sincere and audience respect for the musicians was clear.  The cheer and delight in the room was palpable.

Sarah finished her last note, flicked back her ash blonde hair, flashed that light-up-the-room smile one last time and warmly thanked the rapturous audience.  And i realised my pulse had been racing for the duration of the entire gig