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Rafael Karlen – The Sweetness of Things Half-remembered..

Amid the G20 weird and eerie silence that fell over Brisbane’s inner city entertainment venues, a very respectable crowd of 97 braved road blockages and potential protest marches for Rafael’s Karlen’s gig.

Rafael is one of Brisbane’s great saxophonists and is an amazing and prolific composer.
Performing with a beautiful sting quartet and Steve Newcombe on piano, he performed his new album “The Sweetness of Things Half Remembered” in its entirety.  He was also joined by guest singer Kirsten Berardi to perform other pieces from a broad repertoire.
This music is amazing.  Intelligent, sensitive, atmospheric. Goosebumps on the back of your neck music. Getting 97 people to sit absolutely silently for two, one hour sets is not an easy task but Rafael achieved this easily, with nobody wanting to miss a moment of his sublime music.
Trying to categorise music like this is difficult – if i had to draw a comparison it would be to Jan Garbarek’s ECM music.  But that is unfair, this was Rafael’s own music that came form his own talented mind and was delivered by amazing musicians.
Rafael is such a modest person that he checked with his audience several times to make sure they were enjoying the music.  He was concerned that their silence during the performance may have meant that they may have come to the BJC expecting more traditional jazz.  But his fears were totally unfounded.  Everyone was silent because they were totally blown away by his music.
If you haven’t got Rafael’s new album buy it.  it was clear that as the world’s attention is drawn to Brisbane because of the G20 summit, we are punching above our weight right here in Brisbane with the sheer talent of our musicians
The BJC presents a range of music to cater for all tastes across the broad jazz spectrum.  For my taste, this gig was gold.  More, more more!  D.H.