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Sunday brunch at the BJC is a different experience, and I must confess that I love it.  Not a time normally associated with jazz, the vibe is more mellow.   The day stretches out before you.  The view from the deck is of sunlit river reflecting buildings rather than night lights.

The music is different too.  Awesome. but different.  Mornings demand a different tempo

As far as BJC brunches go, the PW Farrell Trio nailed the gig last Sunday, with a carefully selected set list to capture the morning audience.

And we got a bonus musician.  The trio turned out to be a quartet.  Not sure who muscled in on the act but Trent Bryson Dean (drums), Cleon Baraclough (keys) and Paul Henderson (guitar) worked beautifully with Pat Farrell (bass) to give us a perfect brunch soundtrack and some memorable moments.

Farrell is a Brisbane native but has spent the last 7 years in Melbourne with some side trips to the USA in the interest of furthering his music.  He has resettled in Brisbane now, which should be a cause for celebration for local jazz aficionados.  Great to have electric bass talent of this calibre in our town.

Starting with the Ellington classic “Take the A Train”, we were taken through a varied terrain with more old favourites, Chick Corea and some brilliant originals to be found along the way, particularly from Farrells new album “The Life Electric” which hints at Miles Davis.

It can be hard to engage the sleepy brunch crowd but this quartet had absolutely no trouble at all in holding their attention.  Quiet respect from jazz enthusiasts who readily prioritised their focus from brunch and coffee (both very good by the way) to the music.  All stayed until the end, which is unusual on a Sunday when people often have something else they feel a need to rush off to.

We have a broad range of music at the Brisbane Jazz Club.  We cater for all tastes in this broad art form and it is always good.  Never been to a bad gig there even if it is not always to my taste.  But when you get four musicians of this calibre sharing the stage to make music as good as this you know why this little club on the river is so enduring and popular.

And there was after the gig had ended time to go home and mow the grass …


26/10/14 D.H.