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images.duckduckgoThe Performance Workshop is a two-week program held at the Brisbane Jazz Club during the September school holidays (21st of September – 3rd of October). Students will spend two weeks studying and performing with the program teachers as well as a range of other professional musicians and music educators from Queensland. The Workshop is designed for students who have an interest in learning more about jazz music and may already be performing or practicing jazz music. The students will be working towards creating a performance to be held at The Brisbane Jazz Club on October the 3rd.

The Performance Workshop is not recommended for early beginners in music. There will be varying levels of skill across the participants, however you will need to have a good command of your instrument to be involved in the Performance Workshop. Also, it is important that you do your own research before the Performance Workshop and come with some understanding of jazz, such as jazz songs or styles.

We recommend that you listen to as many YouTube links as possible and start feeding your ears with as much jazz as you can! We have uploaded some jazz charts to the Resources tab of this webpage.

While performance is the main focus of this workshop, students will also learn jazz theory, jazz history and improvisational skills. Also we have a great group of guest mentors who will be holding masterclasses, lessons and performances during the workshop. They include: Steve Newcomb (piano), Mal Wood (trumpet), Rafael Karlen (saxophone), Dave Galea (bass), Brodie McAllister (Trombone) and Dave Maguire (guitar). We will also be joined by Dave Spicer (piano) and Kristin Beradi (Voice) for a special performance.

Attendance at the Workshop is limited to 25 students. The Performance Workshop costs $250. If you are interested in attending this Workshop please download and fill out the Expression of Interest form and email it to us at talkinjazz.bjc@gmail.com

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