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Night By Night – Friday, February 5th 2016.

‘Well I ain’t got the heart to lose another fight. So until my ship comes in, I’ll live night by night’.  So sing Steely Dan in the song ‘Night By Night’, from their third studio album, ‘Pretzel Logic’.

And so sang ‘Night By Night’ to a jam-packed and very enthusiastic house at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Friday, February 5th 2016.

This energetic 10-piece, named after the song, brought Walter Becker and Donald Fagen’s complex arrangements and harmonies to life, in an entire night dedicated to the band’s idols, ‘Steely Dan’.

Keys, drums, bass, two screaming guitars and a driving four-piece horn section supported newlyweds Lauren Istvandity and Lachlan Bell up front on the vocals. This was ‘Steely Dan’ with an edge.

Across the evening, ‘Night By Night’ skilfully reeled out the years of ‘Steely Dan’ accomplishments, presenting lesser known numbers alongside classics such as ‘Babylon Sisters’, ‘Ricki Don’t Lose That Number’, ‘Kid Charlemagne’ and ‘Reeling In The Years’, and a super-funky version of their namesake track.

‘Night By Night’ treated the Brisbane Jazz Club audience to a great night’s entertainment, and we look forward to hearing them ‘Do It Again’ some time soon.


Alan Smith