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Jake Meywes – Saturday 16th January, 2021

Electric, eclectic and an eyeful of excited musos made this sell-out BJC Saturday night a most memorable gig.
Masks off – Musicians turned on… it was hard to believe that by the first song, I was checking my phone for the time. Surely Acts don’t get “in the groove” until perhaps the end of the 1st set or the start of the second?
Jake Meywes, backed by as close to a power based Jazz group as any international vocalist could ever…

The Mojo Webb Band – Sunday January 3rd, 2021

If Country Music is ‘3 chords and the truth’, then The Blues must surely be ‘Life in 12 Bars’.   
And that is exactly what this trio gave us today.
With Coojee Timms on drums and backing vocals, and J.B. Lewis, under a soft black cap, on electric bass, Mojo led us through a wide-ranging tour of his life, via many of his own great songs…all nicely punctuated with detours into the land of Blues legends such as Little Walter, Sonny…

Blue Turtles: The Music of Sting. Saturday November 21st, 2020

    I saw Sting in concert, only once. I think it was 2010.  It was a great show.
But let me tell you… given the charm and intimacy of our small riverside venue, and the combined talent of these six great musicians, tonight’s Blue Turtles show at the Brisbane Jazz Club was just as entertaining as that show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
And from the very first note, it was just as memorable!!
‘So, Ladies and Gentlemen…for your entertainment this evening…bringing you the very best of Sting…

Craig Martin presents ‘The Beatles to Buble’. Sunday 27th September, 2020

Who needs the Fab Four? Today’s sweet Sunday sunset session saw us swinging into Spring with The Sensational Seven.
The seven are Mr. Craig Martin, the crooner who left his heart in San Francisco Liverpool, and his Little Big Band; the sparkling Rhythm Section of Red Lopez on piano, Pat Farrell on electric bass and Reuben Bradley on drums, and the blazing Horn Section of Josh Hatcher on alto and tenor sax, Clint Allen on trumpet and Ben Young on…

Small, Moon, Honey, Grace – BJC 24 September, 2020

Re-invention, mix’n match, trio, quartet et al, our jazz artists constantly find ways of keeping up changes to their musical menus and keeping up the attention of their audiences. At the moment it is also keeping pace with the constant changes to the handling of CV-19 in the entertainment world.
With the current maximum limitations of 6 performers on stage we are now seeing many inventive approaches by various small bands. Tonight we were treated to a sparkling show from Small…

Aaron West Delivers The Blues. Friday 18th September, 2020

No, tonight was NOT Jazz. 
But, remembering that Jazz has its roots firmly anchored in The Blues, we were very, very happy for Aaron and his band of virtuoso players, on this one night, to change us from the BJC to the BBC…

At the heart of this dynamite music machine was enough guitar chops to sustain an industry and populate a museum…
And up there, on our stage, it was not so much The Blues Brothers, but The  Blues Brotherhood…as there were NINE of them, in various Covid-safe combinations across…

Dave Spicer Meets Galapagos Duck – August 19th, 2020

We knew tonight was going to be a good one. After all, this was Dave and The Duck.
Dave Spicer at the piano. John Conley on bass. Rodney Ford on drums. Three superb musicians enjoying their music. Having fun. Doing it brilliantly. Captivating a Thursday night audience with pure, beautiful, on-the edge Jazz.
Dave has long been a fan of Galapagos Duck, of which, John and Rod are the core…the Rhythm Section. But until tonight, they had never had the pleasure of playing together.
And so, a…

Peter Uppman Quintet with Kelsey Giarola – July 25th, 2020

JazzKeeper has finally kicked in. (Cue rapturous applause). And yes, live Saturday Night Jazz is back in town. Alive and kicking. Here at the Brisbane Jazz Club.
Tonight, blowing away dem ole Covid-19 Blues, we have the sublimely talented, Peter Uppman Quintet, with Kelsey Giarola…and the kind of performance that the Brisbane Jazz Club was made for!!
The night was Covid-safe, of course. Everyone was appropriately socially distanced, on a cold and wet, wintry Brisbane night. The sort of night that keeps…

BIG KITTY – Friday February 14th, 2020

Personality-plus, 7-piece band, Big Kitty, danced on to our stage and introduced themselves.
‘Ladies and Gentlemen. Take your seats. Strap yourselves in.
‘We are going to give you two Sets. One of Love. After all, it is Valentine’s Day’.
‘And a second set, which will be about anything but Love’.
‘We are here to celebrate and to Boogie!! Are you ready?’
The answer from the bubbling, buzzing full house crowd, was a resounding ‘Yes!!’.
And celebrate, we did. This was Boogie Fever, from the…