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Melody Graves and The Hokum Redemption – Sunday September 6th, 2021

Welcome to another cruisy Sunday afternoon, riverside at the Brisbane’s Home of Live Jazz.
Now step right up. Into our time machine.
Set the dial for the good ol’ US of A in the first few decades of the 20th Century.
Settle in for a fabulous History Lesson. And get ready to meet the pioneering musicians and the music of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.
Melody Graves and The Hokum Redemption are here to take us waaaay back to those days, by presenting…

Shannon Marshall Trio – Saturday May 29th, 2021

A chilly, late Autumn night by the Brisbane River…and inside, a red-hot Brisbane trio; Shannon Marshall on flugelhorn and vocals. Dale Rabic on Hammond, Wurlitzer and bass pedals. Paul ‘Hitman’ Hudson on drums.
These three supremely talented musicians are great mates and a great combo. And while Shannon and Dale have been playing together for much longer, they were joined by Paul about 15 years ago. However, it has been 5 years since they played in this combination. So, tonight was…

Sunny Vicars – Sunday April 11th, 2021

It’s a beautiful Autumn afternoon in Brisbane. Under a soft blue, Sunday sky, the river is flowing gently by the Brisbane Jazz Club.
Inside, a super-cool quartet of Jazz musos is warming up the audience. Setting the scene.
That’s Damian Sim on piano, Robert Corcoran on tenor sax, Andrew Shaw on double bass, and Dom Machen on drums.
This is a great band, with a smoo-oooth sound. And the audience is quickly settled into a sweet Sunday vibe.
So, we now know just how…

The 8-Tracks – 28th March, 2021

There are eight talented musicians in this band. Hence, the 8-Tracks.
That’s three gifted songbirds up front – Giuliana Russo, Taryn Stewart and Amanda Harris, and 5 equally gifted musicians lined up across the back – Michael Russell on keys, David Hagger on bass, Craig MacDonnell on tenor sax and flute, Craig Wilson on drums, and Michael Smith on guitar.
Each one, a vital and indispensable cog in a powerful and thoroughly entertaining combination!! They are here on this beautiful, sunny…

Tango Meets Jazz – Diez Cuerdas With Chloe – Thursday February 11th, 2021

Tonight, was the first of our new, monthly Tango Nights. And it was a very special…dare I say…historical…night at the Brisbane Jazz Club.
Providing the music…along with a running commentary on the history and nuances of Argentine Tango, which shares its working-class roots with American Jazz…were talented and knowledgeable exponents of this música, Diez Cuerdas.
Diez Cuerdas means Ten Strings; that is four from Liz Young’s violin and six from Rory Dollard’s guitar. Tonight, they were Fourteen Strings – Catorce Cuerdas –…

The Mark Pradella Band – Sunday January 24th, 2021

Sunday afternoon sessions at the Brisbane Jazz Club are proving to be very popular, and they regularly attract a Full House. Performances like today will certainly tell you why!!
Treating us to an afternoon of exciting Jazz/Funk instrumentals and personality-filled vocal numbers, The Mark Pradella Band featured:
• Band leader/arranger Mark on tenor, alto and soprano sax and clarinet…and, briefly, the EWI – Electronic Wind Instrument.
• Mark’s long-time collaborators…
– Sammy Pace on keys, under his soft black cap.
– Ian Townson on percussion…with his unmissable Jack…

Jake Meywes – Saturday 16th January, 2021

Electric, eclectic and an eyeful of excited musos made this sell-out BJC Saturday night a most memorable gig.
Masks off – Musicians turned on… it was hard to believe that by the first song, I was checking my phone for the time. Surely Acts don’t get “in the groove” until perhaps the end of the 1st set or the start of the second?
Jake Meywes, backed by as close to a power based Jazz group as any international vocalist could ever…

The Mojo Webb Band – Sunday January 3rd, 2021

If Country Music is ‘3 chords and the truth’, then The Blues must surely be ‘Life in 12 Bars’.   
And that is exactly what this trio gave us today.
With Coojee Timms on drums and backing vocals, and J.B. Lewis, under a soft black cap, on electric bass, Mojo led us through a wide-ranging tour of his life, via many of his own great songs…all nicely punctuated with detours into the land of Blues legends such as Little Walter, Sonny…

Blue Turtles: The Music of Sting. Saturday November 21st, 2020

    I saw Sting in concert, only once. I think it was 2010.  It was a great show.
But let me tell you… given the charm and intimacy of our small riverside venue, and the combined talent of these six great musicians, tonight’s Blue Turtles show at the Brisbane Jazz Club was just as entertaining as that show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
And from the very first note, it was just as memorable!!
‘So, Ladies and Gentlemen…for your entertainment this evening…bringing you the very best of Sting…