MFG – 23rd August 2014

The Brisbane Jazz Club and its near 100 patrons were treated to an inspiring evening of Jazz with

MFG, also known as Nico Maas (guitar), Gemma Farrell on (tenor sax) and Thomas Goralski (piano).

MFG were accompanied by the hand- picked – Joshua Hatcher on bass and Nathan Goldman on


Maas, Farrell and Goralski all met whilst studying in Amsterdam and this was their first tour of

Australia together. They had the audience entranced and in disbelief of their talents but also their

musical maturity for their tender ages! The most part of their gig was made up of originals

composed by one of the trio of MFG, from fun and funk inspired numbers such as Right Way Wrong

and Tony Umbridge (composed by Farrell), smooth grooves of the Untitled (by Maars) and Red Car

and Slow Down ( from Goralski) they took us on a ride and had the audience’s attention at all turns.

The favourite of the night personally was a piece by Goralski which Farrell announced as her

favourite composition of all time ‘Architecture’ which had us all near to tears with its beauty. We

wish these fine musicians every success in their long musical journey ahead, they really are

deserving of international status.

Their next release can be pre-ordered on , I would highly recommend checking

out this amazing trio.