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Melissa Western Quintet – Thursday 9 July 2015

Thursday nights at BJC are often quite quiet even though quality acts perform but tonight the 80 plus crowd recognised that this would be the last time they could get to experience the fabulous talents of Melissa Western and her partner, Tnee Dyer on piano and keys for a while. This fab duo were supported by the brilliant guitar, bass and drum accompaniment of Josh Boyd, Nathaniel Andrew and Rich Seymour respectively.

Melissa and Tnee are off to Great Britain for Melissa to complete the renowned Churchill Scholarship which she recently won and to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This amazing quintet thrilled the audience with a fantastic variety of music from blues to jazz with a bit of groovy funk thrown in. At one stage of he evening, Melissa and Tnee swapped places and Melissa accompanied Tnee on piano as he sang a really soulful rendition of ‘Drown in my own tears’.

Melissa’s rendition of Buddy Johnson’s fabulous ballad composition ‘Save your love for me’ was heart stopping and all this before the break!

The second set mesmerised the audience with an even more super variety of songs, all of which were received with rapturous applause.

The farewell performance by this talented act before they depart for UK was high energy, very professional and worthy of top billing anywhere.
Once again a fab night at BJC.

Di Clark