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Lisa La Celle – Lessons in love 7 March 2015

Going to a Lisa La Celle performance is more like going to a party than a gig.

The whole gang is there: hubby and kids, mum, friends, hell even the band members are her friends.
Thats not to say that Lisa isn’t talented and professional – she well and truly ticks those boxes – but she is also so damn lovely and this is an integral part of her appeal.
Billing her performance “Lessons in Love 3 – the final chapter” Lisa built on her previous Lessons in Love performances and filled the Brisbane Jazz Club to overflowing.
Presenting an eclectic range of songs, she did not challenge the audience with complex, angular or inaccessible music.  Instead she sang songs the audience could relate to and sing along and she did this with class and style to create a lovely warm vibe.
Lisa was wonderfully supported by a stellar band of local musicians: Peta Wilson, Bryan Pearson, Adam Connelly and Steve Francis.  Guest appearances came from Mal Page (trumpet) and Cath McCourt (ukulele) – party guests making their own contribution.
The set list varied from loved standards like Bye Bye Blackbird, to golden oldies like Jackson which was made famous by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood in the 60s.  A slow, sexy version of the Cream classic Sunshine of Your Love was a favourite of mine.
Lisa has a sumptuous stage presence and is very natural and confident in front of her audience.  And she is funny, very funny, and along with quips from saxophonist Adam Connelly had the audience in stitches.
As with any good party, many members of the audience hung around chatting and finishing off their drinks well into the night after the performance had finished.
Gigs like this set the BJC apart from other live music venues.  It is a club – lots of people who go there know each other and people new to the club get a warm welcome.  How many other venues in town could give you excellent music with so much love and friendship?
I hope that “The Final Chapter” doesn’t signal the end of Lisa’s BJC performances.  i doubt if her adoring audience would allow that.  i hope she is back soon with some lessons in something else.