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Lateo – 25 Jan 2014

You just know that a band with Joe Marchisella, Steve Russell, Andrew Shaw and James Whiting is going to be great.  We know these musicians well, though I haven’t seen them playing collectively before.  I must say that when Joe announced that last night’s gig was the first outing of his latest project Lateo, and that the word translated from Latin to mean “nothing” I could see that some people in the audience were having doubts.

Lateo filled a void created by Trichotomy who pulled out very late in the piece because their drummer has a broken arm.  We were very, very lucky to have them. They took us on a different musical adventure than we would have had with Trichotomy, but we were treated to an amazing night of superb music.  The crowd of 60 or so sat in stunned silence and had their senses thoroughly and benevolently overtaken by these sensitive musicians.  A personal irritant is chat during performances … I wish people would go outside to talk.  But we had no such problem last night.  The music was far too powerful to want to do that.

The synergy between the musicians was amazing as they took us through a range of standards, originals and some lesser known jazz pieces which were all given the cool, sensitive, intense Lateo treatment. Just thinking about some of Joe’s drumming still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

People, make no mistake, within 100km of Brisbane we have an amazing richness of musicians and I am so grateful that the Brisbane Jazz Club creates a venue where they can join together and make music for real music lovers that soothes, inspires, challenges and delights.  The four musicians on stage last night were another reminder that if you want to hear some of the best live jazz around you do not have to go to New York, Paris or Melbourne.  Our humble club on the river at Kangaroo Point is as far as you need travel.

The volunteering efforts of Georgina and Leonara received enthusiastic an email of praise from one very happy patron who informed us that she was well travelled but of all the venues she has attended she has “never felt so welcome” as she did last night at the BJC.

It was one of those nights where everything was right, undergirded by brilliant performances by four musicians who are truly at the top of their game.

David Herbert