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Lateo – 19 June 2014

Featuring Joe Marchisella on drums, Dave Gilea on Bass and James Ball on piano. Lateo, Latin for ” hidden”, set the evening off to a great start with a groovy rendering of the Beatles ‘Norwegian Wood’ and followed up with a couple of wonderful standards ‘Beatrice’ and ‘All the things you are’.

This was followed by some brilliant original compositions by Dave Gilea. Then ‘Time Management’ composed by Joe Marchisella. They continued through the set with a mix of originals and familiar tunes.

The second set again displayed the brilliance of these musicians with an array of contemporary and standard pieces. James Ball was fabulous on the piano, hard to believe he’s only 20, Dave Gilea worked magic on his electric bass that had the most superb tone and what more can be said about Joe Marchisella (soon to become a dad). He was absolutely amazing on the drums.

The small but very appreciative audience was treated to a fabulous night of world class jazz from this very accomplished trio.

Di Clark