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Jazz Singers’ Jam Night 12th Anniversary Review 1/8/13

Yet another fabulous night at the Jazz Singer Jam night. An innovation by Ingrid James 12 years ago to give up and coming singers the opportunity to gain experience and exposure performing to a live audience with the backing of a range of accomplished musicians from across Australia and the occasional international guest.

The jam night has been held in various venues over the years and finally found its spiritual home at the jazz club in 2009. The evenings are conducted on the 1st. Thursday of each month and are well supported by the community as demonstrated by the (mostly) packed audiences.

The audience was treated to a Wonderful diversity of singers, songs and jazz styles. Stu Fisher MC, Mardi Gow, Alan Western, Sharny Russell, Merinda  Dias-Jayasinha & Alex  Carlton, Lachlan Mitchell, Ingrid James, Denise Harris, Sarah Collyer, Jeff Usher and Peter Couples.

The accompanists, Nathan Seiler on piano, Jeremy O’Connor on bass, Roy Syntageros on drums are so accomplished that they sight read the amazing variety of jazz music. Rob Mardi on flute joined this fab trio for some of the numbers. They  really kept things swinging and provided fabulous support to the artists. The brilliant Peter Cupples ended the evening with the fabulously haunting “Never let me go”.

The ‘full house’ audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A fab night!

Di Clark