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Janet Seidel Trio – Bastille Day 14 July 2010

A hushed and crowded Brisbane Jazz Club celebrated the National Day of France by giving a rapturous welcome to one of the very few Francophile jazz artistes in Australia – the ever-popular Janet Seidel – ‘la belle Seidel’, accompanied by her brother David on bass, and Chuck Morgan on guitar.

The rapture of the welcome was well deserved by these three fine musicians. Special mention should be made of the efforts by our Secretary – Rita Laurie, and the staff of the BJC, who really got into the spirit of the occasion with tricolour streamers, typically French costumes, French food and wine and, of course, a model Eiffel Tower on stage.

Janet’s approach to jazz is very much in the Blossom Dearie idiom; both her piano playing and vocals are evocative of Blossom’s up close, in-your- ear style. It was also enjoyable and quite surprising to hear a number of swingy jazz songs with French lyrics, which just proves that the good old English language doesn’t own jazz completely! The title of the show was ‘Chansons de Paris’ and the ‘French‘ sound of the Trio was made more authentic by Chuck Morgan’s acoustic guitar and ukelele work – very much in the Manouche style, a sound very popular at the BJC. With no drums in the group David Seidel provided an excellent rhythmic background perfectly complementing Janet’s piano and vocal work.

All in all a very satisfying themed night ‘par excellence’.