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Ingrid James & Louise Denson’s Wild Silk Strings Project – 21 March 2015

Even before the finger clicking count-in, even before one note is played, you just have to look at the familiar faces of the musical elite on stage to know that you are in for a world-class jazz performance.

While Ingrid James and Louise Denson have partnered many shows together – and this was the latest in their Wild Silk series – they don’t just get stuck into the groove of finding a winning formula and trading on it until it has lost its impact. I believe the secret of their success is reinvention. Inventiveness is what jazz is really all about and that in itself is a good enough reason to record so much jazz – you’ll never hear it the same way twice, so they were wise to film and record this show.

And what kind of inventiveness did we get this time round? Well, the first half of the show featured the Wild Silk Strings Project where we were treated to the sound of Ingrid’s fluid and note-perfect voice, Louise – sensitive but commanding on piano, the sartorially elegant Andrew Shaw in suit and hat  on bass, the ubequetous Paul Hudson on drums and, specially imported from Canberra, Miroslav Bukovsky on trumpet and John Mackey on sax but wait there’s more !

The string trio that put the icing on the cake for this set was comprised of Michael Patterson, Eugenie Costello and Courtenay Lind. The usually lush sound of Wild Silk was greatly enhanced by the strings and this should produce some excellent tracks.

Much of the repertoire for this set were original compositions by Louise and Ingrid, including numbers which they co-wrote – Wild December Wind and Gone Too Soon. Two other numbers which stood out for me were their 3/4 version of K D Lang’s Constant Craving which I have never heard anyone else perform, and Switchback which Louise wrote for the Brisbane International Jazz Festival 2014. Gnosienne written by the quirky Erik Satie was also memorable.

The second set, without strings, featured such known and loved numbers such as Senor Blues, Invitation, You Are My Sunshine and I Remember You.  Between them Ingrid and Louise continue to present such flawless performances as these. No wonder the BJC has the ‘House Full’ sign ready whenever they play the club.

Alan Western

24 March 2015