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Ingrid James & Louise Denson’s WIld Silk Project ;   BJC 19 February 2017

We see Ingrid James in many guises at the BJC – from putting together and presenting her monthly  Jazz Singers Jam Night which is a highly successful and very strong magnet to any vocalist, to serenading with her various quintets and performing the sophisticated big band charts of the Brisbane Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, and then the sheer delight of the sumptuous sounds of WIld Silk.

For me WIld Silk offers the broadest degree of satisfaction. In partnership with long-time friend and brilliant pianist, Louise Denson, Ingrid is able to give voice to a programme of many jazz favourites including some of Louise’s compositions, with not only a rhythm section, but 3 strings and 2 frontline. Oh what a depth of sound that gives, especially when the instruments are being played by Andrew Shaw, Paul Hudson, John Mackey, Miro Bukowsky, Eugenie Costello, Nathan Smith and Mike Patterson.

Trying to describe a sound is much like trying to describe any of the other senses – taste, smell, touch or vision – words do not do justice to the experience, so rather than trying to impart a secondhand approximation I would encourage you to listen for yourself as I believe you may have the advantage of hearing the recording when it is published.