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First Thursday of every month

2021 marks the Jazz Singers ‘Jam Night’s (JSJN) 20th year. The JSJN, held at the Brisbane Jazz Club on the first Thursday of every month from 7pm to 10pm, provides a regular showcase where singers of every age and capability may show off their talents before a highly supportive audience while being accompanied by a professional jazz trio. Anyone, from raw beginners to veteran jazz singers, is welcome. It is a space that has developed into a supportive hub.
JSJN is produced and presented by leading jazz singer and educator, Ingrid James. This event has been established at the BJC as one of the best-attended nights of the month. The statistics alone are quite astounding – averaging 12 singers performing 2 songs each per night adds up to a lot of songs over the past 20 year.
Whether you are new to jazz, a student or professional looking for some new challenges, please come along and check it out. JSJN has also been the stepping stone for many young and emerging singers who have had the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with seasoned performers and often gain a few tips from them into the bargain. It is also a space where you can make friends, collaborate, and perform with the best instrumentalists in town. PS. Instrumentalists are welcome to sit in with the house band (which changes each month).
Should you wish to take part in JSJN, please contact Ingrid directly on ingridjames@optusnet.com.au and check out our website for details of future Jazz Singers Jam Nights as well as “like” the Jazz Singers Jam Night facebook page to catch up with previous jams and news!

Whether it be a launching pad for up and coming jazz vocalist or a further opportunity for the more seasoned performers to ‘show their wares’, the Jazz Singers’ Jam Night, held at the Brisbane Jazz Club each month is ‘one out of the box’. The excellent river location, the sound and ambience, wonderful and talented musicians and the obvious dedicated work of Ingrid James and the BJC team provide a mix which certainly demonstrates that jazz is alive and well in Brisbane town. As a newcomer to the event, I see it as a unique and wonderful long standing initiative, which I am sure enhances and strengthens the current talent and scene but equally will ensure the future viability of jazz both locally and further afield. ”Paul Ingle, Trombonist Melbourne”

‘The Jazz Singers’ Jam Night is a much needed opportunity for young, emerging singers, or singers of any age, to sing in public in front of a comfortable and supportive audience, otherwise they have nowhere to try their craft. An immensely enjoyable night. ”Sharny Russell, Singer/Jazz Vocal Teacher, Qld Conservatorium & JMI”

‘The Jazz Singers’ Jam Night at the Brisbane Jazz Club – a place where one can feel surrounded by an extended family, all united by a common love for JAZZ! The casual, supportive atmosphere is so special and as vocalists we can feel like divas for a few moments. May this never ever stop! ”Victoria Luppi, Jazz singer/teacher”

“The Jazz Singers’ Jam Night at The Brisbane Jazz Club is a critical part of the jazz scene in Queensland, and one of the highlights of Queensland’s musical history. The musical stories is can tell are important and should be preserved, but just as important is its place in the future of Queensland Jazz. It has become an institution. ”Robyn Hamilton, Qld Music Co-ordinator, State Library of Qld”

“There’s a unique atmosphere or ‘buzz’ that happens in the Club sometimes when everything feels right and you know the Clubhouse is populated by jazz-lovers here for the music and the people. The first JSJN had this vibe about it from the first note to the last. Singers of all levels of experience got up on stage, sang their hearts out and were received with great warmth, humour and encouragement from a thrilled crowd”. Greg Gottlieb, bass player based in UK.