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Grey Wing Trio 21 March 2014

This talented trio from Sydney with Ken Allars on Trumpet, Luke Sweeting on piano/compositions, Finn Ryan on Drums, featuring Kristin Berardi on vocals presented an intriguing program of original compositions. The dynamics of the trio had amazing light and shade in the compositions they presented to the very attentive audience (you could hear a pin drop). Kristin Berardi, with her beautiful, haunting voice joined the trio to deliver a fascinating number based on a Celtic poem. At the end of the First set, Kristen returned to present the lovely “Four seasons in one day”.

The second set started with an incredible free jazz movement composition that displayed the expertise of these accomplished musicians. Ken’s ability on the trumpet was extraordinary and together with Luke on piano and Finn on drums blended so well. Kristen rejoined the trio for another fantastic improvised composition.

Normally, I would say that this form of jazz is not my cup of tea but I was happily proved wrong as I thoroughly enjoyed the original music with its variety of rhythms, nuances, shapes and colour.

Di Clark