Home Big Band Enthusiastic Musician’s Orchestra – Thur 10 Dec 2015.

Enthusiastic Musician’s Orchestra – Thur 10 Dec 2015.

20-piece band,‘EMO’, the Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra, are an enormously massive organisation and an exciting magical outfit of elite musical operatives.

Their superb big band sound, skillfully guided by Musical Director, Josh Hatcher, and rounded out by vocals from Kayleigh Pincott and Charlotte McLean, kept the BJC audience spellbound for the entire night.

‘EMO’ pride themselves on featuring original compositions by local musicians, and on this night they presented first-time material from new composers, as well as tunes from tried and true, regular sources.

Having two female vocalists was also a new…and much appreciated… initiative.

The performance included 8 new works, as well as cruisy blues elements and a Count Basie swing set. Across the evening, most band members were featured in solos.

Several songs had intriguing titles, such as ‘The Rat’ and ‘I Am My Own Quiet Library’. One song, ‘The Gap’, from a series on Brisbane suburbs, had BJC committee member Gordy very excited, with its colourful imagery evoking thoughts and memories of that green and leafy part of town in which he lives.

It is wonderful that the BJC is able to provide a venue, an opportunity and exposure for local musos such as these.

On this night however, the band’s exposure will be significantly increased by the fact that the ‘Great South East’ was in the Club to film a segment to be broadcast by Channel 7 some time soon. Look out for it. And keep an ear out for the Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra.