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Eddie Gazani Band featuring Charmaine Jones – Brisbane Jazz Club

By Gary Frontin – Thursday, 23 March 20172303_Eddie Gazani and Charmaine Jones

What a thrilling night for lovers of Latin Jazz! Eddie is the master of the Brazilian genre covering Jobim, Veloso and other singer songwriters with flair and deft touch on guitar and vocals. His styles include Bossa, Salsa and Charro. His regular band consists of veteran musos including the incomparable Bruce Woodward on electric guitar, Bill “Dr Bossa” Freeman on electric and Double bass. His special guest at tonight’s show is the wonderful Charmaine Jones.

He is the unofficial “Minister of Brazilian Culture” in Brisbane and introduced Charmaine to us by humourously giving her honorary Brazilian citizenship after the opening number. Tonight is Charmaine’s initial visit to the club, coming to BJC tonight from her home in Adelaide via Melbourne by arrangement with Eddie. She studied Jazz singing in her undergraduate Degree and now teaches full-time in jazz, gospel and choirs. Her voice is sublime with a remarkable range and tone, and she sings in Portugese fluently. She has  also perfected Scat, singing it in a style reminiscent of the great Ella Fitzgerald . She’s a wonderful, warm performer as well, explaining the origin and meaning of many of the songs to the audience throughout the night.

Eddie is also a master of songwriting. For example, he gave the audience, who willingly sang along, his own song “Ella”. It was done with a slow bossa beat, and included a wonderfully melodic electric guitar solo from Bruce Woodward and superb vocal harmonies from Charmaine, along with her brilliant scatting improvisations. Simply a wonderful, original piece that should be, if not already, recorded!

The audience was enthralled throughout the performance, singing along to a lot of the pieces and gradually filling the dance floor as the music in the second set got hotter with fast salsas and soulful slow groove numbers.

The sum of the parts: Eddie on acoustic guitar and vocals; Charmaine singing with such passion and grace; Bruce with superb rhythm backing and soaring solos; Bill plus the drummer providing solid driving rhythm work, combined to give the very enthusiastic and appreciative audience, mostly aficionados of the genre, a superb evening of both hot and sultry, classic Brazilian jazz.