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Karen Anderson & the Fortunate Sinners

I always love the buzz when the club is full, the musicians seem to spark off the energy in the room and just give that little bit more to their audience and the atmosphere is just so good. Add to that the warm and generous personality of Karen Anderson and her superb band the Fortunate Sinners and you really have an excellent night of entertainment.

We all know Karen’s big, big voice and she was in fine form last night, she sang from a very broad range from U2 to Stevie Wonder to John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – something for everyone. Was it jazz? not really – more a blend of blues and rock but it is always great to extend our repertoire at BJC and introduce some new people to the audience. Certainly no one was complaining about our straying a bit from a pure jazz focus. Far from it.

Karen was able to use her engaging style, big personality and cheerful banter between songs to really get the audience in the palm of her hand and delivered what I am sure was one of the most popular performances at BJC for some time.

It was a rainy night and no one was outside so it was pretty squeezy inside but towards the end of the second set many of the 130 people in the room found a few square centimetres of floor to dance on…. the place was going off, still gives me goosebumps to think about it. Many of the audience remarked how good they felt as they were leaving – my joy in being part of BJC is shared by so many and plenty of first timers last night who loved the place and vowed to make it their haunt forever.

Karen proved what we already know so well … Brisbane has so many performers who can hold their heads high and BJC has just the right venue to turn those performances into a magic night out. David H. 19.07.131907_KarenAnderson