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Dr Bob Presents …23 March 2013

So, what can I say about last night other than it was a ‘Funking’ good night with 151 young patrons, finding the Club very much to their liking and vowing to return. With a style described as blues/soul/groove and funk, although I’m not quite sure how to define ‘funk’, Funky Miracle hit the stage, the flames were kindled and burst into flame on the 5th or 6th bar of the first number.    This is what the audience had come to hear.

Sunset Funk played all originals, with Alina Williamson on vocals.   This is what makes the Club so interesting … the diversity of tastes.  Funky Miracle were keen to ‘hit’ the stage and there was no urging them to be ready for action at  9 pm – they were ready and waiting.They played originals with Andy Ferrett  singing some great numbers, often joined by the whole band in the choruses.    Unfortunately, if the band leader doesn’t announce the songs, I often don’t know what the title is!

The well known  ‘Ride your Pony’ was the song before the encore, and the second encore, which brought the evening to a close,  was ‘Same Old Thing’ featuring more of Dale Rabic, the man who brings the Hammond B3 to life as no other can.

Overall, the musicianship was excellent throughout the night, and Neil Wickham as always, delighted the audience with his sax solos; Steve Francis on drums, and the various guitarists kept up the momentum for a thoroughly ’funky’ night!  Patrons and some musicians were loathe to leave the Club. Jeremy, Sebastian and I left some time between 11.30 & midnight with a tremendous sense of achievement, satisfaction and privilege at being part of the team that keeps the Club ticking over.

Rita Laurie