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DI CLARK 1/11/13

Di Clarke performed at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Friday the 1st of November, with her band of local super-talents Andrew Shaw, John Reeves and Paul Hudson.  It was a lovely evening of classic jazz standards, with Di presenting the music of Cole Porter, in the first part of the evening and Gershwin in the second half. Di’s welcome twist on the presentation of the music of these two iconic composers was to include the lesser-known verses for each song as well as a few less commonly heard pieces by these composers, such as Gershwin’s “Lorelei”.

Also adding to the night were Di’s well-researched anecdotes about the composers and the songs, this, along with Di’s wonderful humour, helped to tie the gig together well and to make the night into a real show, rather than just a collection of jazz standards. The audience enjoyed the night, and all musicians were in fine form.