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Coisa Linda – 23 June 2012

It is every band’s dream to play to a packed house on their first performance at a venue, so it was dream come true for Coisa Linda at the BJC last night.

Coisa Linda is the latest of a number of Brazilian origin bands to make its mark at the BJC and is a very welcome addition to our coterie of highly talented local musicians. Fronted by Wade Gregory on keyboards, and the voice of the lovely Lucia Medeiros, the band consisted of Peter Freeman and special guest Edson Gazani – bass, Mauricio Hosi – guitar, Luis Ferreira – drums and Claudio Climaco – percussion and presented an authentic selection of well-loved Brazilian numbers and some impressive original compositions.

The joy of living, so well expressed by Brazilian sounds of Bossa Nova and Samba, permeated a joyous warmth and vibrancy throughout the club, which delighted the crowd. Even in a crowded Brisbane club you could just close your eyes and imagine yourself in Copacobana, or watching those legendary beauties strolling the beach of Ipanema! With over 100 bookings plus the walk-ins, even the dance floor was filled with tables, which did not deter patrons from dancing in the aisles to the hypnotic Brazilian rhythms of this young and engaging band.

Latin music, especially Brazilian, with the Portuguese language flowing so softly and easily on the ear, has very strong associations with jazz these days following the huge and enduring popularity of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s compositions, as performed by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto. Sergio Mendes and all his bands since Brasil 66 have cemented the two genres together and even hip-hop has melded into his music. Brazilian music, with its wonderful chord structures and harmonies, lends itself readily to the inventiveness of jazz musicians, and can be equally enjoyed as listening or dance music.

Congratulations to Coisa Linda (translated as ‘beautiful thing’)for providing a happy and successful show and I have no doubt that the BJC patrons will be eager to hear more beautiful things from them on future appearances.