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The Duddie Men

Thursday 17 July 2014
In entertainment we should always expect the unexpected and going by the promo picture and blurb I was expecting this new grouping to come up with quite a lot of quirkiness.
The name ‘Duddie Men’ itself had a different pronunciation – I naturally thought it would rhyme with ‘buddy’ but it seems they prefer it to rhyme with ‘goody’! One thing that was exactly what I expected was their consummate ease of knowing their music and playing it well.

Ginger Bread Boys

What can i say, but Jazz is in safe hands with these young guys, standards and covers, they produced the goods surpassing my expectations, such a professional and controlled sound to deliver one of the better performances at the club. Good to see the youth seeing the importance of this great tradition.
5th Oct 2014

DI CLARK 1/11/13

Di Clarke performed at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Friday the 1st of November, with her band of local super-talents Andrew Shaw, John Reeves and Paul Hudson.  It was a lovely evening of classic jazz standards, with Di presenting the music of Cole Porter, in the first part of the evening and Gershwin in the second half. Di’s welcome twist on the presentation of the music of these two iconic composers was to include the lesser-known verses for each song…

Seventh Avenue – Friday 11/10/13

Amongst all of the wonderful offerings at the Brisbane Jazz Cub it is always good to hear our much loved old jazz standards being performed from time to time.  but it is especially good to hear a group of youthful, enthusiastic, fresh, uber talented musicians applying their own interpretation and breathing new life to them.

That is what Seventh Avenue did on Friday night.  And they nailed it.  no sentimental trip down memory lane from them, they took old faves like Summertime, Nice…