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Review Category ‘Soundscapes’

Anna Maria Jopek (Poland) Sun 17 Jan 2016

Anna Maria Jopek’s music may be able to transcend language barriers, but the Polish singer wasn’t short of words to describe her surroundings at the Brisbane Jazz Club on Sunday night. “This is honestly the best view I’ve ever sung in front of,” she told the audience, as she turned to look through the windows at the rippling Brisbane River and the city beyond.

It’s not surprising Jopek noticed the backdrop. Her performance showcased songs with melodies carefully layered in front…

Andrew Shaw Quintet – Thur 19 Nov 2015

On a sweltering Thursday night the smooth grooves of the Andrew Shaw Quintet were the only sure fire way to chill out. The band took the stage with an upbeat, Shakespeare-inspired tune called ‘Thrice The Brindled Cat Hath Mewed’. The title – a line from Macbeth – set the tone for the rest of the evening, with literary and musical references peppering both the set list and Shaw’s banter.
It wasn’t all intellectual, though. Two of the evening’s best songs were…

Numbered Symmetry Ensemble – 20/11/14

This fab Brisbane based six piece ensemble entertained the appreciative audience with a eclectic range of tuneful original jazz numbers which included some vocal scat in unison with the instruments. The very talented musicians blended well to present an interesting and enjoyable evening of modern jazz.
Tristan Rogers, Trumpet, Flugelhorn Horn
Billy Saunders, Tenor Sax
Erin Fitzsimon, Vocal & Tenor Sax
Isaac Cavallaro, Drums
Lachlan Symons, Bass
Madi Morris, Guitar
Andrew McNaughton, Piano


MFG – 23rd August 2014
The Brisbane Jazz Club and its near 100 patrons were treated to an inspiring evening of Jazz with
MFG, also known as Nico Maas (guitar), Gemma Farrell on (tenor sax) and Thomas Goralski (piano).
MFG were accompanied by the hand- picked – Joshua Hatcher on bass and Nathan Goldman on
Maas, Farrell and Goralski all met whilst studying in Amsterdam and this was their first tour of
Australia together. They had the audience entranced and in disbelief of their talents…


Mooshim brought some wintry soundscapes to the BJC with a rare and interesting combination of genres: if you drew a line from Bartok to Thelonius Monk, then veered left at Soft Machine and added a dash of Steve Reich and Eberhard Weber, you’re in the general area.
The use of woodwinds soloing over immaculately repetitive piano figures marks them with a slightly European/ECM feel , which also means that the complex rhythms are not tonally confrontational, and the use of a…