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Review Category ‘Latin’

The View From Madeleine’s Couch – Feb 2016

The Players:
Anje West- vocals & percussion
Kym Ambrose – vibraphone
Owen Newcomb – bass
Bruce Woodward – guitar
Paul Hudson – drums
This fabulous ensemble has been captivating audiences with wonderful Brazilian sounds and rhythms for the past 18 years. Tonight at BJC they transported us to Rio through their new show “The Bossa Nova Sunset Club”. It’s wonderful to hear well known Latin songs sung with their original Portuguese lyrics.
Throughout the evening, the songs were interspersed with with funny tales from “Mad Couch’s” trips…

The Helen Russell Trio – Thurs 10 Sept 2015

The Helen Russell Trio with Helen on Double Bass, Paul Hudson on Drums and Jamie Clark on guitar presented a lovely evening of laid back jazz.
There was a pleasant mix of instrumentals with Jamie taking the lead with his skilful jazz guitar and some vocals by Helen with her easy on the ear style.
The band played some less well known tunes including “Warbash”, “My one and only love” and “Way out west”, instrumentals with Jamie taking the lead on his…

Ingrid James & Louise Denson’s Wild Silk Strings Project – 21 March 2015

Even before the finger clicking count-in, even before one note is played, you just have to look at the familiar faces of the musical elite on stage to know that you are in for a world-class jazz performance.
While Ingrid James and Louise Denson have partnered many shows together – and this was the latest in their Wild Silk series – they don’t just get stuck into the groove of finding a winning formula and trading on it until it has lost its impact…

Coisa Linda – 23 June 2012

It is every band’s dream to play to a packed house on their first performance at a venue, so it was dream come true for Coisa Linda at the BJC last night.
Coisa Linda is the latest of a number of Brazilian origin bands to make its mark at the BJC and is a very welcome addition to our coterie of highly talented local musicians. Fronted by Wade Gregory on keyboards, and the voice of the lovely Lucia Medeiros, the band consisted of Peter Freeman and…

EMO with Gai Bryant, Fabian Hevia and Israel Ortiz. 24/10/13

Thursday nights at the BJC have morphed into special occasions, when you may often find something a little different from our regular jazz groups – perhaps an international or interstate artiste who happens to be in Brisbane for a few days, tango dancers from Argentina, a youth jazz group from somewhere in Europe, maybe a new young jazz vocalist – fresh from the Conservatorium and eager to show their talents to the world or, as witnessed by over 100 patrons last night – an…