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Review Category ‘improvisational’

Galapagos Duck – Sat 21 Feb 2016

Left to Right:
Wil Sargisson – piano, keyboards
Willy Qua – alto sax, percussion
John Conley – double bass, guitar
Richard Booth – tenor sax, sop sax, flute, electric bass, steel drum
Rodney Ford – drums, vocals
It was still daylight and there was a queue outside the Brisbane Jazz Club on Annie Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.
Full house then? I asked. “Yep. Oh, you’ll like these guys.” Pam and Don were in front of me. “We’re from Toowoomba. [That’s about 125 km away]. We’ve come all the…

Soundscapes – Album Launch

The players
Clean Barraclough -piano
David Galea – electric bass
Luke Pammenton – drums
Josh Hatcher – tenor sax
This was a fascinating evening of wonderful original sounds from extremely innovative, energetic, competent musicians. Many of the compositions were written by Cleon Barraclough and David Galea. It certainly was a “fast moving, syncopated ride through a chaotic city, to slower more lyrical moments in which to marvel and observe” (BJC promo blurb).
Cleon’s solo piano Latin piece enthralled the audience, juxtaposed to the acid jazz sounds…