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Gadjo Guitars – 30 January 2014

Building on its reputation of Manouche Jazz capital of Australia, the Brisbane Jazz Club welcomed Gadjo Guitars on Friday.

This Sydney trio did not try to dazzle us with gimmicks and slick showmanship.  They didn’t need to. The uber talented musicians gave an enthralled audience a wonderful show that was as unassuming as jamming in your living room at home.  Not at all pretentious, just relaxed, authentic and easy.

This band is tight and it is clear that they have been performing…

Ultrafox & Feel the Manounche Sunday 30/11/14

What a finale for the last night of Oz Manouche 2014!!
Kicking the night off in style was a great set by Ultrafox from Melbourne. Featuring two guitars, double bass and clarinet, the band seamlessly maintained the high standard that had been established over the previous 3 days of the festival. Peter Baylor, who formed Ultrafox in 2008, led the way with his crisp and cruisy guitar work and a sweet vocal style that wa…s reminiscent of the late Aussie great…


The humidity and heat are stifling and oppressive on this Thursday evening as the gibbous moon, threatening and leering in melancholy, emerges.
Rolling clouds part and a refrain of lilting banjo and fiddle passes across the ear in the riverside refuge of the Brisbane Jazz Club.
The woes of metropolitan life ease, as the wistful and upbeat Laique have grown and evolved in the three years following the release of ‘Cravin’ Just A Little Misbehavin’ (2010). They are currently in the studio for…