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The Aaron West Band. Friday August 7th, 2015

At the start of the night, I asked the band if they were ready to go on. The reply was quick and smiling; ‘Go on? Dude, we are about to go OFF!!’
And that is exactly what they did, this band of great musicians; Aaron West on guitar and vocals, Will Sargisson on keys, Greg Lyon on bass and vocals, Dave Sanders on drums, Tony Buchanan, a guest from Melbourne, on tenor sax, and guest vocalist, Dean Gray.
This was a night…

Melissa Western Quintet – Thursday 9 July 2015

Thursday nights at BJC are often quite quiet even though quality acts perform but tonight the 80 plus crowd recognised that this would be the last time they could get to experience the fabulous talents of Melissa Western and her partner, Tnee Dyer on piano and keys for a while. This fab duo were supported by the brilliant guitar, bass and drum accompaniment of Josh Boyd, Nathaniel Andrew and Rich Seymour respectively.
Melissa and Tnee are off to Great Britain for…

Dr Bob Presents …23 March 2013

So, what can I say about last night other than it was a ‘Funking’ good night with 151 young patrons, finding the Club very much to their liking and vowing to return. With a style described as blues/soul/groove and funk, although I’m not quite sure how to define ‘funk’, Funky Miracle hit the stage, the flames were kindled and burst into flame on the 5th or 6th bar of the first number.    This is what the audience had come to hear.
Sunset Funk played all…