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Enthusiastic Musician’s Orchestra – Thur 10 Dec 2015.

20-piece band,‘EMO’, the Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra, are an enormously massive organisation and an exciting magical outfit of elite musical operatives.
Their superb big band sound, skillfully guided by Musical Director, Josh Hatcher, and rounded out by vocals from Kayleigh Pincott and Charlotte McLean, kept the BJC audience spellbound for the entire night.
‘EMO’ pride themselves on featuring original compositions by local musicians, and on this night they presented first-time material from new composers, as well as tunes from tried and true, regular…

Soundscapes – Album Launch

The players
Clean Barraclough -piano
David Galea – electric bass
Luke Pammenton – drums
Josh Hatcher – tenor sax
This was a fascinating evening of wonderful original sounds from extremely innovative, energetic, competent musicians. Many of the compositions were written by Cleon Barraclough and David Galea. It certainly was a “fast moving, syncopated ride through a chaotic city, to slower more lyrical moments in which to marvel and observe” (BJC promo blurb).
Cleon’s solo piano Latin piece enthralled the audience, juxtaposed to the acid jazz sounds…

Elly Hoyt Band Sat June 27th, 2015

With Elly at the mike, Dave Spicer on piano, Bob Schulz on flugelhorn, AJ Hall on bass and Sacha Kloostra on drums, this talented combo held a full-house audience spellbound through two sets of classics, lesser known gems and self-penned masterpieces.
This was an outstanding evening of entertainment, delivered with poise, precision, personality, power and passion.

Special guest William Barton contributed his unique skills with didgeridoo, guitar and vocals, for one performance in each set. His duet with Elly on the title…

Yitzhak Yedid Trio & the ConKlezmer Orchestra – 16 March 2014

What a week for contemporary Jazz!
The Yitzhak Yedid Trio wowed their attentive audience with a set of original, avant garde jazz compositions. The ConKlezmer Orchestra continued the feel of the evening by presenting arrangements of traditional Yiddish tunes that set toes tapping.
A really good night, shame it didn’t get a bigger audience.
Di Clark