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The Hammond Organ Summit – Saturday 2 April 2016..

Three Hammond organ virtuosos walk into a bar….
….and blow the roof off the Brisbane Jazz Club!!
That was the scenario when the ‘Hammond Summit’ came to town.
Three Hammond organs on stage, each with its own idiosyncratic Leslie speaker; the oldest of which featured the exposed, rotating horns that define the Leslie brand and its uniquely tunable/adjustable sound.
The three players were Brisbane’s Dale Rabic, Melbourne’s Tim Neal and Sydney’s Clayton Doley. They were supported throughout the evening by Jim Kelly on guitar…

Enthusiastic Musician’s Orchestra – Thur 10 Dec 2015.

20-piece band,‘EMO’, the Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra, are an enormously massive organisation and an exciting magical outfit of elite musical operatives.
Their superb big band sound, skillfully guided by Musical Director, Josh Hatcher, and rounded out by vocals from Kayleigh Pincott and Charlotte McLean, kept the BJC audience spellbound for the entire night.
‘EMO’ pride themselves on featuring original compositions by local musicians, and on this night they presented first-time material from new composers, as well as tunes from tried and true, regular…

The Evening Sons

In the world of blues, The Evening Sons are a rare recipe: something new created from familiar ingredients. Mojo Webb, Coojee Timms, and Greg Baker – all accomplished blues musicians in their own right – make up the band. A recent gig at the Brisbane Jazz Club (13 February) showcased their mastery of blues tunes old and new.
It was clear all three players felt at home with both the set list and the audience, as Webb declared the show would…

Devil’s Kiosk – Thur 8 Oct, 15

Are Thursday’s at BJC becoming blues nights? Devil’s Kiosk played to (yet again) a select Thursday night audience. It’s a shame that more people didn’t venture out as the quality of the band was high. Even visitors from St Louis commented on the calibre of the music. Those who did make the effort had a great time.
Jamie Symons is an amazing Harp player (just learned that ‘harp’ is short for Harmonica, I sort of expected an actual Harp, I am…

The Aaron West Band. Friday August 7th, 2015

At the start of the night, I asked the band if they were ready to go on. The reply was quick and smiling; ‘Go on? Dude, we are about to go OFF!!’
And that is exactly what they did, this band of great musicians; Aaron West on guitar and vocals, Will Sargisson on keys, Greg Lyon on bass and vocals, Dave Sanders on drums, Tony Buchanan, a guest from Melbourne, on tenor sax, and guest vocalist, Dean Gray.
This was a night…

Melissa Western Quintet – Thursday 9 July 2015

Thursday nights at BJC are often quite quiet even though quality acts perform but tonight the 80 plus crowd recognised that this would be the last time they could get to experience the fabulous talents of Melissa Western and her partner, Tnee Dyer on piano and keys for a while. This fab duo were supported by the brilliant guitar, bass and drum accompaniment of Josh Boyd, Nathaniel Andrew and Rich Seymour respectively.
Melissa and Tnee are off to Great Britain for…

BluesCorp Thursday 25 June 2015

Andrew Clark on Guitar
Matt Dunn on Harmonica
Andrew Ewart on Bass
Peter McIvor on Drums
‘Twas a cold Thursday night at BJC but this fab band warmed up the small but appreciative audience. BluesCorp is a contemporary blues band that has won prizes both in Australia and USA for its original compositions, many of which were played on the night.
The first set consisted of many original songs from their album “I don’t want to be Famous”. They finished the set with a fab…

Robyn Brown & Libor Smoldas (Prague) 13 March 2015

Friday the 13th was certainly a lucky day for patrons of the BJC. A fabulous night featuring the dulcet and smooth as velvet vocals of Robyn Brown and the international guitarist and favourite of the BJC Libor Smoldas (Prague). Backed by a superb line up of OJ Newcomb on bass, Jason Bray on drums and Marnix Van Bruggen on piano this was a slick night of Jazz, Blues and Gospel launching their “Touch of Blue Tour”.
Favourites of the night include…

String Theory – A Cosmic Guitar Encounter

The Ravi Welsh Trio hosted an evening of guitar heaven.
The Players:
Bruce Woodward – Guitar
Atienne Bakker – Guitar. This pair played a selection of lovely, melodic jazz standards. The beautifully haunting, skilful guitars unencumbered by other instruments made a pleasant change from traditional lineups.
Anonymous Heroes
Davis Orr – Guitar
Chris Pearson – Bass
Mark Henman – Drums
The second set was quite a contrast to the first. The music was real bluesy with great vocals by David and Chris. Mark as usual played brilliant drums.