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Bruce Woodward – Melissa Forbes Quartet – Fri 20 Feb 15

Count among the casualties of Tropical Cyclone Marcia, all those Jazz fans who weren’t able to be at the Club on Friday February 20th. You missed a performance deserving of a packed house audience.

After an opening number by guitarist Bruce Woodward, double bassist Helen Russell and drummer Paul Hudson, Melissa Forbes stepped on to the stage to deliver a beautifully crafted performance that had been incubating through seven years of dedicated family life in Toowoomba.

As a member of this very talented quartet, Melissa’s voice and occasional piano playing captivated the audience through two sets of imaginatively presented classics and equally memorable originals.

‘Delicate like the rain’ was the opening line from a gentle bossa by Mark Sholtez, who was in the audience. It underscored the beauty of the quartet’s performance, and also nature’s grace, as the calm and balmy evening was blessed with only the gentlest of rain.

Songs such as Blossom Dearie’s ‘I’m Hip’ spoke to the zingier side of this quartet’s broad- ranging style and talent.

The audience was also treated to a vocal by Helen Russell and impressive guest appearances by Kristin Berardi, Charlotte Mclean and Alison Riethmuller.

Thank you to the Bruce Woodward – Melissa Forbes Quartet for a memorable night. We look forward to catching you again soon at the Brisbane Jazz Club.

Alan Smith.