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Brisbane Vocal Jazz Festival – Sharny Russell, The Idea of North

There are not enough adjectives to describe the evening so I’ll just say WOW!

The evening opened with Sharny, just her fabulous voice and her brilliant piano playing. The audience was captivated by her musicality and there was not a sound in the packed house (hearing pin dropping comes to mind) She sang (with a little bit of Scat too) some classics and some of her compositions, a wonderful opening act. Later Sharny joined the Idea Of North for a few fab numbers, climaxing with a jaw dropping arrangement of Sting’s “Fragile”.

Okay, take a fabulous voice, times it by 4, add the most heavenly harmonies, mix in a really interesting choice of songs and jingles that took the emotions of the audience everywhere, stage patter that had us all in stitches and you have The Idea Of North. The “Up Close and Personal” performance of this incredibly talented, Aria award winning foursome will live in the memories of all who were fortunate enough to experience their show. It’s amazing to think that these four make all their fantastic music with voice alone. Their pitch perfect harmonies and rhythms were absolutely faultless. There’s nothing more to say except thank you Naomi Crellin, Sally Cameron, Andrew Piper and Nick Begbie for your superb, very first performance at BJC.

Di Clark