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Brad Leaver and Swing Central –  Sunday January 27th, 2019

‘If you can use some exotic booze…Come Fly With Me…’.

Not to ‘..a bar in far Bombay’.

Not to the long-defunct Copa Room at The Sands in Las Vegas.

No. ‘Come Fly With Me’ to the Brisbane Jazz Club at Kangaroo Point, for a night of exotic schmooze, with Brad Leaver and Swing Central, and their overflowing songbook of crooner classics.

The best of the best is all there. The songs of Sinatra, Dino, Sammy Davis Jnr, Bobby Darin and Nat King Cole are presented to you in driving and dynamic arrangements and sharp black tuxedos, by eight sublimely skilled musicians and their top-shelf front man.

Tonight’s line-up is Ian Macrae on piano, Shannon Marshall and Mal Wood on trumpet, Leon Wensley on alto sax, Darren MacPherson on tenor sax, Shane Hannon on trombone, Owen Newcomb on double bass and Dave Sanders on drums. And the cherry atop this musical pie is the voice, style and charisma of Brad Leaver.

The performance starts with an instrumental opening set from the piano, flugelhorn, bass and drums. Then, when the Horn Section fills out, we have eight instruments ready for take-off.

Brad steps up. ‘Please welcome to the stage….me!!’, he says, as he takes his place at the mic. With HIS band.

A very short intro to the first song, then, in perfect time and in perfect pitch, Brad’s voice is there. Instrument number nine.

The audience erupts into life. The crooner classics that everyone is here to hear, start rolling out. We are away. And the joint is jumpin’.

Smoothly, creamily and seemingly effortlessly, Brad and the band deliver the stories, the mood, the love, the pathos and the colour of these great songs. And of course, it wouldn’t be Swing Central without the schmooze, the jokes, the Jerry Lewis schtick, and the Horn Section’s Muppet Show line-up, as backing chorus for‘That’s Amore’.

And when it’s all over, the audience does not want to let them go, and they say so with a roaring, standing ovation.

‘….As the fella once said, Ain’t That a Kick In The Head….?’

Sure was. Another great night at the Brisbane Jazz Club. Thanks guys.

Alan Smith

Brisbane Jazz Club