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BluesCorp – 24 Feb 2013

A rainy night in Brisbane (cue for song!) brought just over 40 patrons to the first appearance at the club of this very accomplished blues-based quartet. While there were strong leanings to Rhythm ‘n Blues, Rock and even Pop, the band featured many original numbers and vocals written by their leader – guitarist /vocalist Andrew Clark, with Jason Klaffer on bass guitar, Gil Rasmussen on drums and some good ‘n raunchy tenor sax playing and vocals from Brian Elliott. Brian is no stranger to the BJC as a presenter on Gold Coast radio station 94.1fm, but this is the first time we have seen him here as a musician.

Bluescorp made their mark at the Brisbane Jazz Club to, what I thought was a slightly reserved Sunday night crowd, with only a few people up dancing to the infectious beat which is the hallmark of this genre of music. This is definitely ‘body music’ and in most places the floor would be crowded. Nevertheless our audience certainly warmed to the band and by the end of the evening were calling for more. Perhaps we have become unused to the amplified bass and lead guitar sound at the BJC, and there is no doubt that a much younger Friday night crowd would create the atmosphere that belongs to it.

Alan Western