Home General Big Eagle Jazz Band supported by Talkin’ Jazz Big Band at BJC 15 June 2017

Big Eagle Jazz Band supported by Talkin’ Jazz Big Band at BJC 15 June 2017

Well it was ‘Doo Wacka Doo’ all the way through with the launch of Cameron Meiklejohn’s latest recreation of authentic jazz music from the 20s and 30s. His painstaking research into this genre has once again borne fruit

Following the success of his Rhythm Society Dance Orchestra, Cameron has created Big Eagle Jazz Band to move the emphasis of the music from Northern USA to Southern USA –  from New York all the way down to New Orleans.

Brilliant musicianship makes any style of music sound great, especially in a 7-piece group where each instrument can be plainly heard, and with front-line players and vocalists such as Mal Wood and Dan Cosgrove demonstrating such a feel for this music, it was no wonder that the audience were quickly onside.

Cameron’s choice of fellow musicians produced the authentic sound that he has been seeking – all seemed to have a feel for the music style. Along with Mal and Dan we had Jo Bloomfield – piano, Tara Nielsen – trumpet and Ange Gadd – trombone and of course Cam himself, playing all the bass notes on euphonium.

I have no doubt that Big Eagle will become another regular feature at BJC – watch out for them.


Talkin’ Jazz Big Band

This year’s main project for Talkin’ Jazz this year  was the formation of a big band resulting in the first-ever public appearance of the Talkin’ Jazz Big Band as the support act for the launch of the Big Eagle Jazz Band. Dan Hirsch and Euan Cumming were extremely proud and happy to have found just the right number and quality of young players to form this group and the proof of the pudding was in the eating when they took to the BJC stage.

Cameron Meiklejohn was so impressed with their playing that he invited any of them who wished to sit in on ‘Margie’ and one or two players even continued on until later in the program.


It was great to hear some of the oldest jazz being played by some of the newest

bands and all in all we enjoyed a great night of firsts for the BJC proving that the

‘the BJC is the place to be’.


Alan Western 17 June 2017